Prada Outlet

337873224944 this is the item number of your product Prada Outlet Artsy GM. My question to you is the handle real cow hide and is the trim RED Prada Bag? I see the handle is beige but what you get is totally different than what is listed on your website. I previously ordered the exact same Prada Outlet from a different seller and was horrified when I received it because the trim was RED Prada Outlet not beige the same color as the handle!! They totally misrepresented the Prada bag! No way does or is the trim RED everything is beige so you can see why I'm asking this question. I await your response thank you Morena Wong. received the Prada bag today, I m not very happy with the finish, the handle too short and not consistent, the quality of the dust bag very cheap looking, the Prada bag don't have authentic card, not serial number and missing the care booklet. I was recommended by friend who is a satisfied customer, she buy a lot from you and she happy with the quality and said she received everything AA quality dust Prada replica bag, serial number, care booklet. Please ensure for my next order to make a happy customer. Many thanks, Miss Helen Mass